Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shoes and Hats or is it Hats and Shoes!

Hi Lacies!

I have a new collection  for you in the  Shoppe.. Called  Lacy Sunshine's Enchanted Hats and Shoes featuring my  popular Sunshine Tots!

I  was  going thru my  images,  thousands I  have  drawn thru the years and  found my  Summer Daisies....  A  Flower Pot Pretty in a Boot created  a few  years ago. You might  remember this image  and  that, when we  did a campaign/contest to help safe my Flower Pretties  in 2014!  That  was   such  a  fun  campaign and it was   a much needed one though to  save our flower pot pretties.

But anyway  here is my Summers Daisies colored by Jane B, what a beauty she is in her  boot, and  today my Peppie Mint Sunshine Tot image made her public debut in her Christmas Candy Shoe.

 Shoes... I  so love  shoes...Like Manolos and Louboutins or almost all shoes for that matter!  It's  A common theme, like witches, cats, fairies  and yes  even hats too! Who  doesnt love fairies, shoes and hats, am I right!!!! It's funny how some think they own a"theme" lol, but what  they need to  realize is, the  part that is wrong, is when they  believe they own certain characters that were never created by them.

I am so looking  forward to sharing  with you more of my  enchanting shoe and hat collection.

As always, Color, Create, Dream and Believe ..... Lacy Sunshine.

Oh  and  as always ALL of my images are registered with the  US copyright office.

Have a great night everyone!

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