Saturday, November 25, 2017

In Search of new ideas

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Well I should just be so over the moon that one particular artist just finds my work so irresistable. But after four plus years of my art work being infringed upon, almost every theme, business idea copied... And now my verbage From my posts...It gets really old. Be original  and get on with Your Own art instead of making a buck off of mine.  It tears me up inside at how this certain artist has  tried to deceive the fans with claims that their artwork came first. Its wrong on so many levels. And i must state I am not the only one this other artist has done this too.

Tis the season to support the original artists and if you are unsure ... Check out actual publication dates, check the copyright office.... Those dates dont lie.

It's amazing how the other artist must scurry my blog and store daily to what they can knock off next.

If you look down avmy feedjit here on my blog .... You will see Mountain View... The other artist checking back thru the years at my various christmas themed posts all the way back thru 2013.. I am  sure these characters of mine will be appearing in their store too anytime.

So sad. ... Truly. When will this other artist stand up on their own two feet and draw their own creations.? 

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